Cricket Care Tips

  • In cold weather place somewhere warm for 3-4 hours prior to unpacking.

  • In the warmer weather months do not sit your cricket cage in direct sun. This could cause them to get too warm.

  • Keep your crickets warm and dry. While optimum range for growth is 80-90 degrees, we find keeping your crickets in the mid to upper 70's at home works well.

  • Provide fresh food and water. Dry grains, potatoes, carrots, and greens work well as a food source. Do not allow produce to get moldy. You must keep it fresh.

  • Vegetable sponges work well as a water source.  They can be found on the internet or pet stores.

  • Give the crickets plenty of standing room. Use the egg crates that come in the box, as well as, paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

  • Always feel free to call if you have any questions!